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This sign is in my doctors office above the scale and I really love it. It actually made me feel a lot better after reading it

I like this a lot.

I need one of these

I work at my dads family physicians office and this is so important because MOST individuals get offended when my dad advise them to lose weight and eat healthy. I can’t speak for all Docs, but they are looking after your health, and they try to be as respectful as possible. Please do not think their advice has malicious intent - they’re trying to help you feel better (By the way, they recognize that prices of healthy food are crazy high. My dad is furious that the prices of food are crazy expensive - that’s like a never ending health crisis)! You are beautiful, you are loved, you are strong. :)


do you ever get a weird crush on someone that’s not even attractive but you’re just attracted to them and you don’t know why

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do centaur babies suckle from the horse nipples or the human nipples tho

Centaurs aren’t real. Do you understand that?

yes that is why i made a tumblr post about this instead of just asking a real centaur

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When people say ‘This is my baby,’ they don’t always mean a baby. Sometimes they mean a dog.

A Somali student, on what has surprised her most about the United States.   (via tiredestprincess)

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This is so real

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10 things our kids will never understand…

limewire lmao I forgot that was a thing woww. my memory

valasg1 our childhood!

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'Dont I get a hug' most cringeworthy line

Creepy boys’ anthem

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do you ever just get the overwhelming urge to cry because you think you’re not going to go far in life because you’re not as smart or as talented as the people around you

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I’d like to cancel my subscription to Menstrual Cycle Monthly

I’m sorry, it appears you’ve taken out a fifty-sixty year subscription. However, we can pause it for nine months as long as you sign a contract that says you’ll take out a subscription to Baby Daily for at least eighteen years

Damn those Terms and Conditions.

i didn’t even read them i’ve made a terrible mistake

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true friends don’t judge each other

they judge other people


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